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We create a virtual two way conversation. Your virtual guests experience the event as if they were in the room. They hear and see those in attendance during the event and can communicate with them and others on the stream at appropriate times throughout.

Your virtual guests experience the event from different camera angles, bringing them “into the room.” They feel connected to the energy and emotion they see on their screen.

Your moment is one that should be preserved. We provide a high quality recording for you to keep for a lifetime.

Following up with a “thank you” let’s your virtual guests know how much it meant to you that they were a part of your moment. We will send a customizable note of thanks on your behalf to all your virtual guests.

Our Process


We will take the time to understand your vision and offer our expert opinion on how to best bring to life the desired experience for your virtual guests.


Based on our consultative conversation, we will lay out a plan with your virtual guests in mind, making sure their experience is the number one priority.


On your event day your virtual guests will be in good hands. We will execute the plan and make sure your virtual guests have a memorable experience.

Our Services

Our primary goal is to create a memorable experience for your virtual guests.  You can breathe easy knowing that those who could not be with you in person, will enjoy the time they spend with you virtually.
During our consultation we will determine together, which of our service features will provide the experience you desire for your virtual guests.

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