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Our Story

Streaming all of life's most cherished moments

Cherise Belnavis and Horace Bryan, together, comprise the "B2" of B2streamed. The pair met in 2001 when Belnavis was running the family owned Belnavis and Associates Advertising and Marketing agency. Bryan held a leadership role at a Fortune 100 financial services company, and was also volunteering his time at a local non-profit, where he served as the Vice President of Special Events. 

The Carolina Football Classic, one of the premier events the pair partnered on, kicked off what would be a 20 year working relationship.  This seamless connection of event management and execution that Cherise loves along with the first adapter mentality and an extreme focus on cutting edge technology that represents Horace, would lead to the inception of B2streamed. 

In 2020, the loving mother of Cherise passed away.  Cherise reached out to Horace to help her and her family celebrate the life of a truly amazing woman, in the midst of a global pandemic.  Knowing that her mother always found a way to make sure anyone in her presence felt welcomed and loved, Cherise and her two sisters set out to create a memorial celebration that those, who could not safely attend, felt like they were in the room; giving them a chance to adequately say goodbye.

This experience ignited a desire in Belnavis and Bryan to create a service, leveraging technology and sound event management practices so that family and friends could celebrate together life’s most memorable moments regardless of their physical location.

Who We Are


Cherise Belnavis

Co-Founder & Creative Director

At the age of 10, my mom, Christine Belnavis, ignited in me what would become a love and energy around bringing people together in unique and memorable ways.  She showed me the art of event planning and execution as she ran for the presidency of the Milwaukee chapter of the NAACP. She won and held the presidency for multiple terms.

Combine this early wisdom with the exposure to the world of advertising and marketing under the watchful eye of my father Sam Belnavis,  and it comes as no surprise that a company designed to help people share in life’s most cherished moments together, regardless of their physical location, would be born.

B2streamed pays homage to my parents, expresses my appreciation for the love family and friends represent, and brings to life an unmatched expertise in event planning, management and creative ideation. 

It is a pleasure and an honor to be of service to you.

Horace Bryan

Co-Founder & Technical Director

I have always been a “techie.” Some of my earliest memories involve gadgets and even today I get excited about anything new and exciting in the tech world.  As a kid, I always wanted to be the first to own the latest and greatest gadget on the market.  It only made sense for me to pursue a career allowing me to embrace my passion for technology further. I earned an MBA with a focus on Technology Management and I am a certified Project Manager (PMP®).  Over the last thirty years, I have worked for Fortune 100 companies on large initiatives within the financial services industry.


Born in the United Kingdom, I understand what it means to be far away from family and miss important events and celebrations.  I’ve been very fortunate to travel the world, gaining wonderful insight into the multitudes of ways the world functions and the importance of diversity and embracing cultural norms.  These travels, my family, and passion for technology have led me to B2streamed.


As technology continues to advance, the world feels like it is getting smaller than ever.  Everything is accessible, whilst also being incredibly distant.  B2streamed truly affords us an opportunity to bring families and friends together, even when distance physically keeps them apart.


It is a pleasure and an honor to be of service to you.


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